“This was a true graduate level seminar on the role of the association CEO. Well worth the time!”

— Jeffrey Shields, President and CEO, National Business Officers Association

“I highly recommend the Association CEO Master’s Seminar. It’s an interactive session with CEO colleagues that drives introspection and action. You leave with new friends, and absolute clarity on next steps.”

— Brent McClendon, President/CEO, National Wooden Pallet and Container Association

“The content was new, unique and challenged the CEOs gathered to think together and think in new ways.”

— Julie Coons, President, ERA

“I am a stronger leader as a result of attending the Association CEO Masters Seminar. It was a refreshing, reaffirming 2-days spent with a wonderful group of fellow CEOs led by Paul Belford who brings his invaluable experience and insight on association leadership to fuel discussion and thought leadership. It was an informative, inspiring and re-energizing experience focused on what it truly means to be a modern association executive.  

— Cynthia Woodruff, Executive Director, American Art Therapy Association

“A unique and thought-provoking approach to understanding your CEO value proposition and rethinking career alignment.”

— Joel Albizo, CEO, CLARB

 “If I had had the opportunity to experience the Association Masters Seminar as a young CEO, I would not only have avoided a number of mistakes and associated disruptions, I would have had much greater clarity on my role, my motivations, my strengths – and where I needed to improve and develop to be a successful CEO. I highly recommend the seminar to Association CEOs at any stage in their career.”

 — Chris Laxton, CAE, Executive Director, AMDA

“This seminar was different from other CEO development trainings I’ve taken in one really important way – it engaged us to think differently about the important role of the CEO using different terms and ways of thinking about our work. The small group format was refreshing and comfortable, providing an intimate space to explore our work together and learn from each other.”

Lori Trammell Freemen, CEO, Association of Maternal and Child Health Programs

“AMSeminar forced me to clearly identify what I and my association are doing well and what areas could benefit from some fresh thinking.”

— Vince Sandusky, President & CEO, SMACNA

In any executive training program, I always look for the ah ha! moment. From AMSeminar, it was the realization of the need for - and responsibility of - the CEO to continually educate the Board on the role of the CEO in a finely tuned, highly functional and successful association. The AMSeminar’s program design greatly contributed to this, but what really made the difference was the lively give-and-take exchange among the CEO participants in the session.

— Joy Ditto, President and CEO, Utilities Technology Council     

“AMSeminar helped me see clearly my strengths and responsibilities as a CEO and the challenges that my association needs me to prioritize and lead on.”

— Kate Offringa, President, The Vinyl Siding Institute

“Whether you are a new CEO or have years of experience, AMSeminar distills the key elements in improving your association leadership skills.”

 — Rich Gottwald, President/CEO, Association of Pool and Spa Professionals

 “AMSeminar was an excellent way to learn more about what is important to me and how my interests are compatible with the needs of my association.”

— Beth Cunningham, Executive Director, AAPT

The association masters seminar was a great way to regain perspective on a number of fronts that are critical to association management. The group was open and helpful and the discussion was full of insight. Paul knows how to run a seminar. 

— Linda Darr, President, American Short Line and Regional Railroad Assn

“The AMSeminar should be on every association CEO’s list of must attend leadership development training programs. You will come away a bet4er leader.”

— Louis Saccoccio, CEO, National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association

“An outstanding opportunity to focus, inform and refresh your knowledge of association management and the role of the CEO in your association.”

— Steve Ello, President, ICBA

“AMSeminar struck the right balance in content and time commitment.  In just 1.5 days, it offered a line of inquiry that demanded personal introspection and revealed the fundamentals of an effective Association CEO.  I am glad I participated and look forward to using AMS to achieve higher level association management, leadership and governance.”

— Anne Ferro, CEO, American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators

“The Director’s insights were incredibly valuable, as were those of my peers. I’d recommend this to CEOs from new to the most seasoned.”

— Ann Ebberts, Executive Director, Association of Government Accountants

“I enjoyed my time discussing the commonalities and fundamentals of the CEO position with my peers. It was interesting to hear what we have in common and important that we can come to some consensus on how we talk about the profession. I think this dialogue is beneficial for any CEO to have and this format was a great way to engage and discuss these important issues.”

— Steve Echard, IOM, CAE, CEO, American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases

“I believe AMSeminar is going to be a very useful service to many association CEOs.  It was gratifying to get together with other CEOs and to share our respective insights on the things that we all experience in these positions.  Both are all part of the learning experience that we all need and enjoy.”

— Dick Doyle, President & CEO, The Vinyl Institute

This was a highly productive two days. I formed strong and useful relationships and sorted out my thoughts and feelings in a way that will stand me in good stead as I face the inevitable challenges that lie ahead. A most rewarding experience!

— Jeff Sedgwick, Executive Director, Justice Research and Statistics Association

"I'm incorporating the AMSeminar concepts into the foundation for a Board retreat and policies to create stronger appreciation for leadership, improved governance and greater effectiveness."

— Francesca Dea, Executive Director, Society for Cardiovascular Angiography and Interventions

“Thank you for the opportunity to participate in AMSeminar. I found it quite useful. In fact, it is playing a big part in shaping the changes in governance in our Society.  It is particularly helpful in understanding how the roles and responsibilities of the Board and the CEO can be laid out to improve operations and goal setting.”

—   Erik Seither, Executive Director - SNAME